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Yes Have Some Episode 11: Georgia Ghostbusters History Lesson, PKE Surge 2016 Announcements, and Dragon Con!

It’s officially Con Season here on Episode 11 of Yes Have Some podcast and we’re kicking everything off with special guests, founding members of the Georgia Ghostbusters, Chace and Katie Ambrose! Join us as we talk all things Dragon Con, Ghostbusters fandom history, and PKE Surge. There’s no line for…

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YES HAVE SOME Podcast Episode 10: Ghostbusters News Roundup and Theme Park Stress

It’s Episode 10 of Yes Have Some podcast and we’re talking all things Ghostbusters, Jaws, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Go back to basics with us as we break down  the latest news from the Ghostbusters universe, stress out over Guns ‘n’ Roses, and take a joy ride through Universal Studios. There’s…

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YES HAVE SOME Podcast: EPISODE 9 – Star Wars Rogue One Trailer Breakdown!

Sound the alarm! It’s an emergency episode of ‘Yes Have Some’ podcast! We’re breaking down the new teaser trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One. Join us for episode 9 as we talk with special guest Hal Clay about the latest installment in the Star Wars film universe.…