YHS Star Wars Celebration Diaries: Volume 2

Star Wars Celebration Diary Entry 2 I saw it, guys. The heart of the entirety of Star Wars Celebration and possibly the pulse of the whole UNIVERSE- y’all ready for this? Family. Wait, isn’t that a subject a lot of us hardcore sci-fi horror/niche collector dudes tend to avoid? Probably, and for me, personally?

YHS Episode 52: “Who is Greg Grunberg?” Star Wars Celebration, Colossal, Jaws: The Revenge, and more!

It's time for episode 52 of Yes Have Some Podcast: "Who Is Greg Grunberg? "Celebrate the countdown to Star Wars Celebration with us as we freak out over exclusive merchandise, long lines, bathing suits, hotel shuttles, and how to nonchalantly stalk Mark Hamill. Will Craig drop serious cash on memorabilia